Election Results

Ecclesiastical Court
Dr. Angela Parker
Rev. Shirley Smith Graham
Rev. John Throop

Standing Committee

Mr. George Little

Rev. Edmund Pickup Jr.

Deputy to Provincial Synod

Ms. Cleo Shield

Deputies to General Convention

Lay Deputies
Ms. Cindy Barnes
Mr. Matthew Grizzle
Ms. Athena Hahn
Mr. Tony Robinson

Lay Alternate Deputies
Ms. Samantha Sessions - 1st alternate
Ms. Mary Lou Crifasi - 2nd alternate
Ms. Olivia Osei-Sarfo - 3rd alternate
Dr. William "Mac" Todd - 4th alternate

Clergy Deputies
Rev. John Baldwin
Rev. Chris Cunningham
Rev. Anna Noon
Rev. Samantha Vincent-Alexander (Head of Deputation)

Clergy Alternate Deputies
Rev. Gary Butterworth - 1st alternate
Rev. Charles Robinson - 2nd alternate
Rev. Dennis Patterson Jr - 3rd alternate 
Rev. Dr. John Agbaje - 4th alternate