Friday, February 11, 2011

Council Update - Day One

Bishop Hollerith convened the 119th Annual Council this morning at 10 a.m. Here are some of the highlights from today's business --

Bishop's Address - The Bishop's Address to Council is available HERE. You can read the address online or a downloadable version is also available.

Resolutions - Constitutional Resolution CON-1 (Composition of Council) was passed as submitted. Canonical Resolutions C-1 (Ecclesiastical Discipline) and C-3 (Lay Employee Pension Plan) were also passed as submitted. Canonical Resolution C-2 (Denominational Health Plan) was amended and passed as amended. The amendment was to the final sentence of Canon XXXI, Section 2. Submitted as: "the percentage being identified annually by the Executive Board" was amended to: "the percentage being equal to or greater than fifty percent." Resolution R-1 was passed as submitted. You can read the resolutions as passed HERE.

Budget - The diocesan budget was passed.

Elections - Dr. Angela Parker, Rev. John Throop and Rev. Shirley Smith Graham were elected to the Ecclesiastical Court by acclamation. The nomination of Ms Susan Kyte was withdrawn because, although a member of St. Timothy's, Clarksville, she does not reside within the diocese. Elections will continue when Council reconvenes.

Reports were given by the Talbot Hall Properties Committee, Standing Committee, R-1 Task Force, ECW and Chanco.

Recognitions: The work of Frances & Vernon Wilson, Holy Cross Anglican School, Belize, was recognized as they prepare to retire. The work and contributions of Rev. Win Lews and Rev. Dick Budd to the diocese were also recognized.

Memorial Resolutions were offered for: Rev. Sydney Swann, Rev. John Jordan, Rev. Williamson Brown, Rev. Robert Newland, and Rev. Boston Lackey. Additional memorial and courtesy resolutions will be offered during tomorrow's session.

New Wine: The New Wine project, working for a new vision and mission for the diocese, was introduced. This strategic planning process was begun by the Executive Board and will continue with regional meetings open to all of the diocese. Information and communications about the project and regional meetings will be provided to all clergy and parishes. You can read an introduction to the project HERE.

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